To return and update

April 9, 2009

Well it’s been a little over two months since I posted on here. I kind of got out of the habit of making posts and repeatedly forgot until not posting was the habit. I will try to post regularly if possible. So, a short update then I will make a more significant post later.

Well, still can’t find a steady job. Bill collectors and debt swirling around me like vultures or maybe those little demons in the movie Ghost ha ha. They are coming to take me away now!!!!! Well I at least saved enough money to get my guitar back out of pawn, got to have priorities right?

My largest tarantula died, that sucked. Well I still have three others and they are growing nicely. My favorite is probably the Antilles Pink Toe, absolutely beautiful creature. It is about two inches or so in size.

A couple months ago I got a ball python. It was a gift or “adoption” from my cousin. He also has grown since I’ve had him and he is a really cool and docile snake. Cute little bastard too… as far as snakes go I guess. He however hates my little cousins (4 and 7). He curls into a ball and hides from them… probably because they are loud and jumpy… which snakes do not like. Thawing frozen mice for him to eat is always interesting… pretty fascinating to watch them stretch their heads apart so they can swallow food that is much bigger than their mouth. My favorite part is when near the end when only the tail is sticking out of the snakes mouth and they rise up into the air so gravity will aid them in pushing the food down their throat. Cool stuff.

Personal life is truly lame right now, nothing I care to comment on at this time.

Until later… have a good one.